The Kalispell community has been discussing and planning a bypass for many years. In 1992, an official Environmental Impact Statement was published, a bypass feasibility study was conducted, the western bypass route was recommended, and the Record of Decision was approved by the FHWA.

The currently proposed alignment for the bypass route has not changed significantly since the August 2004 public meeting.


Starting at US 93, south of Kalispell, just south of Gardner's trailer sales, the Bypass heads west, curving northerly to follow along the abandoned Burlington Northern Railroad. The Bypass then crosses Airport Road, curving northwesterly across Foys Lake Road and US 2, and continuing north crossing Two Mile Drive, Three Mile Drive and Four Mile Drive (east of Stillwater Road).


The Bypass continues north until it crosses under a northeast/southwest power transmission line. The Bypass then parallels the transmission line back to US 93 at West Reserve Drive.


From US 93 south of Kalispell to US 93 north of Kalispell the bypass will have grade separated interchanges and allow traffic to "Bypass" the city of Kalispell.


Access to the Interim Bypass will be by roundabouts at  Airport Road, and Foys Lake Road. Grade-separated interchanges are planned at US 2, Three Mile Drive, Four Mile Drive and Reserve Loop. Additionally there are two at-grade intersections (at the north and south ends), one exit only ramp (at Sunnyside Drive) and an overpass at Two Mile Drive. Future (full build) interchanges are planned at Airport and Foys Lake Roads.

Fall 2013 Reserve Loop to US 93 segment open to travel.

April 2014

Three Mile Drive Reconstruction Begins.


Last Updated January 2014

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